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Stay Warm n Fuzzy this Holiday Season :)

I love the holiday season so much, but I have felt the stresses as well. From family feuds, to tight pockets to feeling like I had no one to share the holiday with. I know not all of these will work for everyone, but here are a few things that have helped me in the past! <3

  1. Be nice – you’ll be surprised how a smile at someone or how dropping a cheerful hello and 1$ to the Salvation Army bucket will make you feel.
  2. Exercise! – Get those endorphins up. Even if you go for a walk and listen to your favorite song on repeat 😉
  3. Get those zzzzzzz’s – Chamomile tea with some lemon and honey for me, yum.
  4. Forget perfection! From wanting to get the perfect gift to wanting the perfect tree to wanting the gift wrapping to be perfect. You’re doing a great job, perfection is overrated.
  5. Say no – Don’t beat yourself up for missing a Christmas party or holiday sale. You need time for the ZZzzZ’s and exercise we talked about 🙂 TAKE A BREATHER.
  6. Remember what really matters. You made it through another year! You paid your bills this month! You have enough money for a Starbucks today! You have a family who loves you! You have a friend who loves you! So much to be thankful for and proud of even if it’s as small as having food in your refrigerator.

Hope these were helpful and if you are struggling don’t be afraid to seek help! We are always here if you need help finding the right help for YOU! We are all different, it’s a beautiful thing.


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